A new twist seems to be facing the coalition. This comes after Former Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale appeared on a local TV station and laid out all the details that transpired.

He went on to rubbish the event where Raila got swore in as the people’s president. In defense of the three co-principals who missed the event, Boni said that no one would dare to attend an event knowing well that it would not lead him to state house.

It’s in the interview that he revealed that the event was not to happen. Raila had been convinced not to interfere with the state rules but after seeing the huge turnout at Uhuru Park, Raila decided to attend to fulfill his supporters’ wish.

“The future of the coalition depends on how it will be managed come 2022 elections,’’ He added.

It seems not all is well as most of the supporters of the coalition seems to be abandoning it.

Is it that NASA is depending on false hopes?

Watch the full interview here :

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