The two couples that made headlines on social media platforms sometime back are still trending after their nasty breakup.

We are talking about veteran footballer Dennis Oliech and Ex Girlfriend Paula Mumia who made headlines about their relationship.

Dennis has always been adamant about asking the question whether he is in a relationship during interviews something that would leave you wondering whether there is something he is hiding from the public or not.

Dennis Oliech was recently blessed with a son and he is living his best life. I bet that Paula too is living her life and working on herself but well, she wants the world to know that she was not the problem in the relationship that ended into shambles.

Paula Mumia is a TV producer at K24 and the two dated for sometime before calling it quits.

The pain seem to have not yet gone away as Paula took to her gram page to rant about Dennis and was careful enough not to mention his name on her posts.

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