If you ask any one who schooled in late 90’s in Kenya about corporal punishment, they have a real story to tell. The same question paused to the Kababa generation, one can tell how clueless they are.

Well Kababa Generation has gone through schooling with no punishment. In this generation the girl child is more  empowered than the boy child. In school recently, the latter has made destruction from burning down schools and now they are out their slaughtering themselves in the name of love.

A generation that spends time on social media and TV sets watching movies and cartoons. If you happen to cain them either in school or at home you are answerable to their parents. Some fathers have also feared to break relationships with their children in the name of caning them when they err.

Boys have been busy teaching themselves how to be men. They are busy spending their most time with their wives in campus.  Take me back to the old, where boys were taught by their elders.

Once adage, the beautiful ones were not yet born but girls of this generation have done it all. They have tagged themselves all sorts of names. Some are living a lie in the name of slaying in the social platforms as slay queens and socialites.

Should caning be introduced to school? What’s your view on the Kababa Generation?