AD Family rapper/singer Boutross just released his first single to his upcoming mix tape set to be released on the first week of March this year. According to the rapper, Billy jeans means LIT therefore the song is all about having a good time.

The song has the potential to be a banger in the clubs where most of the people can relate with the things the rapper is talking about. It has a catchy beat that will definitely leave you nodding your head whether in your car or just having a good time in your house.

Boutross seems to have gone for a simple concept for this song’s video with most of the scenes going round him just vibing to the song with a few friends in different backgrounds.

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The rapper is as former HBR jump-off freshman 2015 and was also featured on Octopizzo’s Tergat Gang which did quite well for the better part of last year. He is the Vice President of ADF music and a member of music group AD family.