Shit to avoid at your boyfriend’s house. Insights from the horse’s mouth, the men as much as they’d love babe over, there some things they just stomach but rather their girl knew.

  1. Lazing around like a guest. Don’t go over and expect to be a queen with imaginary peasants to take care of you. As much as you have acrylic clip ons, jewelry and all, take them off. In a typical man’s house, the sink will be full, wash them. Dust the place; make it look like he has a girl. This is where to prove you are potential wife material. Then again, you are a visitor; it is not your house. The curtains are just okay says one of the guys, a chic coming over and wanting to wash the curtains. Those are extremes.
  2. Do not overstay. I just learnt there is a 6 hour rule, how true is that? You girls go over, finishing all the agendas of the day and leave 6 hours later. A guy once said, the secret is always buy a small bed. Mamas love comfort; no one wants back pains or weird cuddling positions, so definitely she will leave when she can’t hack it anymore.
  3. Surprises also known as gate crushing. “I was in the neighborhood and thought I could drop by and say hi” guilty of that? Chic, you will be surprised as well. Always call or text and inform bae you are coming over. You don’t want to a two way surprise, and what you don’t know, won’t harm you.
  4. Leaving a trade mark behind. And we all know ladies love to mark their territory. Am sure guys ransack their place before you arrive and after you leave. So those tum things you think will keep other chicks away are always taken care of.
  5. Clearly defined motives. Ask yourself why are you going over? Why did he invite you? Definitely you know the answer. So don’t go there are to cause disappointments. Don’t go there on your periods, says a guy who represents any other guy.
  6. Going through his stuff. Why would you be found going through his drawers? That is just weird and creepy in so many ways. There is no justification for those ladies. Crazy girlfriends go as far as re- arranging his stuff.
  7. Clearing the fridge. Sure, have a bite but don’t go to the extremes of finishing stuff. There are two types of ladies. The ones who can really eat and they are usually petite. Then the moderate eaters.
  8. Inviting your pals. Again, that isn’t your house. Just meet your girls elsewhere for that girly talk. Maybe you want to floss and show them you landed yourself a somebody, discuss it with him, and organize a get together with his friends, your friends.
  9. Telling guys your pals are at your bae’s. Not everyone has to know where you are. Taking pics, with captions of at bae’s or snap chat everything. Some guys just love their privacy.
  10. Watching soap operas at the expense of you cuddling or giving bae attention. This is just self-explanatory or could as well remain at your place and watch alihandro cry over Maria something.

Guys, do you have any other pointers ladies should know when at your place. Tell us below.