Residents of Siaya County are shocked after a man who was supposedly buried in July 2018 returns home. Family and relatives were shocked when they found out that the man has been alive all this time. The mother claims that they got unpleasant death messages and “visions” claiming that their son was in a mortuary and they were directed to go get his body. This made them belive that Charles Odhiambo had really passed on.

They got these messages from a “wise woman” claiming that a familiar disturbing voice told her that Odhiambo’s body was lying in a morgue in Kisumu underneath other dead bodies. A relative was dumbfounded when she saw the 37 year old man selling groundnuts somewhere in Kisumu on Thursday September 14th.

I have been away for six months since I left home. When I heard I was buried, I returned home on the same day. A relative who spotted me in Kisumu told me I was buried one month ago. He held me, before he cried then said he would not leave again, we had to go home,” recalled the victim

His brother was very shocked when he saw Odhiambo. He claimed that the body they took from the mortuary had a birth mark on the left ankle, just like his brother.

For now, Odhiambo is prohibited from his home until the body that was buried in their compound is dug up and a ritual is performed to exorcise bad omen.