Signs That Your Relationship Is Nothing More Than Sex


Relationships are tricky to define, and most of us go into it with the wrong intentions and way too many expectations.

This causes heartbreaks, violence, birth of drunkards and smokers just to mention but a few.Well, lemmi help you define whatever you have going before it ends and you realize it wasn’t what you thought.

1. Every time You Guys Meet You Must have sex

So many women and men are having this type of relationship thinking that it’s more and it’s not. Whether its a quickie at the back of a cab or after being dropped home, the result is always the same; Sex. In real sense you’re just a booty-call.

2. No One Talks About Family And Friends

Think, do you even know if their parents are alive, do they have siblings, a dog even?? If you don’t know anything about the person, it might just be sex.

3. Conversations revolve around Sex

Do you only swap sexy texts or photos? Every picture you send you are in less clothes than Miley Cyrus at a concert?? Does each conversation have to circle around it?

4. You Meet In Places Where Possibility Of Sex Is High

Only going to their house/apartment or vice verse might just be sex. Go watch a movie or have lunch for heaven sakes!!!

5. No Sleep Overs

They come over at midnight have sex and then around 2 am they want to go home or send you home. Oh yeah it’s just sex.

Now that you know, are you okay with it??