Today is Flirty Wednesday and we want to talk about another kind of popular love. A social media addiction! This is actually true and exists internationally. Social media is a topic that has time and again been reviewed and revisited. People often dismiss it as being an overrated issue. However, social media has been known to break up relationships and homes.

So how do you really know you are addicted to social media??? If you answer yes to three or more of the following questions, Honey, you are beyond rehab!!

1. You get a mini heart attack when you run out of bundles or when network goes down. Especially during the night.

2. You update while driving “this guy just cut me off, stupid people #mad”

3. You create social media accounts for your pet(s) and keep them updated with pics and even STATUS UPDATES!!!

4. You participate in two or more twitter and Facebook chats a day.

5. You can’t take a bite of your meal before taking a picture and posting it on Instagram with the hash tag foodporn.

6. You count the number of people that wish you a happy birthday on Facebook in comparison to the number of friends you have and if the number is not as expected, your self-esteem is ruined.

7. You miss important meetings and deadlines because you are too busy reading what other people have posted on social media channels.

8. You speak in 140 characters or less, including the spaces between words.

9. Toilet time is incomplete without social media.

10. You know what all the hash tags and abbreviations mean and even use them in real life OMG!!

11. You swore you would never read or post on social media again but backslid ten minutes later. 

12. You have looked at your phone at least once as you read through these points

So whats the conclusion? Do you need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat rehab????