Signs you are drinking to much alcohol

Alcohol has become a new medicine for most of the youth in the country. In the year 2010, Kenya was recognized as a drinking nation, a move that many didn’t find solace in. 9 years down the line, alcohol has continue to co-exist.

Well after the a group of women from Nyeri took to the streets on the dangers alcohol has brought upon their families, a move was taken to ensure the sobriety in the society is restored back to where it started.

Mututho Law was birthed to ensure alcohol is controlled. The law was able to check and limit the time people drink alcohol. This move was able to comprehend the too much alcoholic beverages the Kenyans were exposed to though not to maximum.

What is too much alcohol?

For healthy adults in general, drinking more than these single-day or weekly limits is considered “at-risk” or “heavy” drinking: Men: More than 4 drinks on any day or 14 per week. Women: More than 3 drinks on any day or 7 per week.

Signs you are drinking too much

  • Forgetting once responsibility at home or at work
  • When people near you get affected by your drinking
  • If you can’t imagine a weekend or even a day without alcohol, that may be a warning sign.

Effects of too much drinking of alcohol

The dangers of too much drinking include alcohol poisoning, unintentional injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction, liver damage etc


There’s even a little science that backs up the notion that alcohol boosts confidence. Researchers conducted an experiment at a local bar, asking 19 people to assess their attractiveness on a scale of one to seven after ingesting some booze. Their alcohol levels were then measured, and the results were pretty interesting: the higher the amount of alcohol drank, the higher the reported self-confidence of the subject being interviewed.






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