Signs Your Lecturer Hates You


There is that old man who can’t stand you? That bitchy lecturer who just can’t tolerate you for the next three months till the end of the semester, you didn’t even have to wrong them.  May be your blood groups are different. Maybe she reminds you of someone she hates; now you have to carry the cross for that someone. Maybe her husband ran off with a younger girl who looks like you. Assumptions and more assumptions, cause you really don’t know where the hate started from. All you wanna do is graduate and never have to cross paths again.

Here are some signs your lecturer just aint feeling you:

  1. Re positioning you away from your squad. We all have crossed paths with lecturers who just can’t keep calm. They have to move you from where you usually sit with your squad. Maybe you talked a lot and disrupted the class, or she just doesn’t want you sitting there, so she tells you to come to front.
  2. Always on your case. No class passes without he/she chokozaing you. Maybe they will ask you to answer a question. Or remove the snap back, at fourth year and no one has ever seen you without it. They could even send you out for the slightest reason, oh sijui you came 5 minutes after the start of the class. If you are Muslim, always asking you about terrorism as though you were Osama’s niece. Or if weren’t Kenyan, they would refers to you when there are discussions about refugees. Class isn’t class if she/he doesn’t talk to you.
  3. Low and/or Missing marks. You wrote almost the same answers as your pal, but he ends up with more marks. You are just there wondering where you went wrong on that CAT. You both go through your returned marked papers, still doesn’t make sense how you scored 06/15 and your friend got a 14/15. That’s just hate. When everyone gets their semester results, you have missing marks. You sure did the coursework, but don’t have marks.
  4. Indulging everyone but you. The class is lively; everyone is participating in the discussions. You want to contribute, but he/she can’t even look at you let alone give you the chance to share your opinions and thoughts. Frustrating huh, you end up discussing with your neighbor, resulting in (1)
  5. Giving so much. Cases of lecturers disliking the whole class. He/she just enters gives so much work, demands it the next class. Failure to abide by his/her rules they walk away or send a majority out of the class.

Do you think your lecturer hates you? Tell us your story.