Silent Takeover

By now we have all seen or heard of China Square. To be honest, I do not really see the hype. Yes, the world does revolve around me.

Kenyans living in Nairobi are either gloating about how amazing China Square Mall is or are fearing that they are missing out on experiencing the new ‘hub’. Located at the Unicity mall along Thika Road, the supermarket has attracted loads of people because of the low prices of its goods and products being sold.

[Unicity mall. Photo/Courtesy]

Said to be the biggest threat to renowned shopping centers like Gikomba and Kamukunji, this mall is set to make it even harder for its competitors.  On the other hand, China Square is apparently an attempt to reviving UniCity mall, owned by Kenyatta University, which has been struggling to recover from economic downtime.

This is where my argument comes in. Should we not be supporting the locally owned market instead of banking of investors to help us get out of financial crisis, just to get us back into it.

Why ‘China Square’? And to think that the area is also highly populated with expatriates.

My conclusion is this is just one other niche creation project that we think is here for us.

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