Remember when Kenyatta market used to be the ideal place to get your hair done ?  Judging by how everyone is getting busier by the day, people tend to search for alternatives. Having more than three hands trying to interlock your hair to the tiny twists was no joke.

I remember one of my aunts who loved those twists and her excuse would be that they would Last for so long. Truth be told they lasted for long but they did not serve as a protective style to her hair. She ended up looking bald especially on the hairline. The constant pulling and braiding ended up doing more harm than justice.

The struggles of the tiny twists ha!

That is far behind us with new styles coming up. The latest style that has become very popular is the crochet styling. What I like most about the crochet style is that even with the adverse heat, it is not uncomfortable when rocking it unlike weaves and wigs. Crotchet styles /braiding can be rocked by the young and old. The many styles are added advantage as there is a wide range for one to choose from.

The art of pre-plaiting ones hair then interlocking the crochet braids makes it easier for one to even clean their scalp. Crocheting is one of the few styles that are very presentable and at the same time one does not need much time to achieve it. Three hours or less are enough to achieve the desirable look.

Here are three most used but easy crochet styles;


  • Mambo braids


The crochet styles are easy to maintain, durable and the look so natural. They also double up as protective styles. Crocheting is a way of `resting’ your hair and yourself from constant hair manipulation. They are not bulky as they always look. Good thing about the crochet styles is that they range in their colours and the styles. Good for the daring girl,right ?

  • Carefree Crochet

Crochet styles are extremely versatile meaning that they can be easily manipulated when it comes to styling. One can easily get a low or a high bun depending with what one wants to achieve.


  • Afro punk crochet


Ideal for the naturalistas. Looks very natural and of course very chic and stylish.

Faux locks Crotchet


If you have always wanted dreads without the twisting and turning of your hair, you need to try out faux locks crotchet styles. The are simple and cute.

Get yourself a stylist that will make the crocheting look as natural as possible.

Check out these stylists for  simple but neat crocheting;

Instagram; @ Crochetbraiding_kenya


Posh Palace.

Happy crocheting folks,Thank me later.