Since locally, we are not even so keen on dressing up in Halloween costumes or even show up in public looking hideous, tricking or treating, imma give you an idea. Take the fun online; especially to the gram. This is your chance to shine and even increase the viewership on snapchat count. Make up! Yes. Not your basic type of though! This is exclusively for viewership purposes and wellโ€ฆ for you to bring put the cool kid in you. Here are some ideas for your gram and snapchat this Halloween:

Stitches: Luckily, locally @Phointosha, the most incredible makeup artists got you covered. Her stitches are as real as they can get.


Zombie mouth:ย  ย  To achieve a scary eerie look that will shock all your friends, follow these instructions.ย 

Bunny ears: This is what Khloe Kardashian did last Halloween; but it is cool and that is why you can always do it again. It is just requires a little bit of skill at the edges as you need a creative pattern after doing all the dark shading around your eyes.

Cougar: This reiterates a wild card in you that labels you an animal. Imitate Niki’s style and wear some animal print. It can also be done at the comfort of your home because it can work well alongside other owned make up tools.


Monstrous:ย This is simple and you can find these hats in various shops in town. The hats will keep you warm wherever you will be while still staying in costume.

Bloody: all things blood are scary enough for Halloween. This is easy to work out as long as red paint is at your disposal. Just be careful you donโ€™t make your eyes come into contact with harmful paint products.

Ghost rider: Another one from the most incredible Kenyan make-up artist is the ghost looks that extends the lower part of your head to look like that of your real skull. To top this look, a flowered tiara that you can make at home is recommended. ย 



Which of these costumes is your favorite? Tell us below .