Image is the basis of almost everything that involves being classy in life. A clean shaven man is always an attraction to any woman out there who is looking for a partner. Corp-orates also look out for a clean look when hiring new employees.

We know some ladies prefer the ‘manly look’ which requires most guys to have a great beard and it needs to be trimmed to just the right size. Gillette is the best option, actually it is the best a man can get. For a clear look the following 3 steps are mandatory so that you don’t mess up your look and wait for two weeks for your beard to grow back.

  1. Wash Your Face

Shaving should be properly done by making sure your face is clean. Prepare your face by washing it with warm water. A dry skin might cause rough edges that may hurt during the shaving process. Warm water helps to loosen the face muscles and the skin around the chin area so that you have an easier time shaving.

2. Apply Cream

Every man who is looking for the best cut should always have shaving cream. Gillette does provide shaving cream that makes it feel cool while shaving. Most men fear cutting themselves during shaving but applying cream also makes sure you do not look at your skin and get scared of cuts. The cream cover makes sure the blade runs quietly and easily through the beard.

3. Shaving

Make sure to shave along the grain in the direction their hair grows. Also you should use gentle strokes and take your time. Do not press the blade against the skin but instead let your arm work gently to cut off the hair. Rinse the blade as you do this to remove the cut hair while shaving. Rinse your face with cold water after shaving and use after shave balm or oil to moisturize. Look in the mirror and admire yourself, helps in boosting self-esteem!

Gillette provides simple tips on how to have a successful shaving: