Some may wonder where out gospel industry is headed today in our country without forgetting that there are still those cool gospel artistes that will leave you blessed anyday anytime with their gospel songs.

The rivalry between gospel singer Bahati and Willy Paul seem to be getting more exciting.

Just after the Njiwa hit maker took to the barber shop to shave of his dreads, Bahati is now the latest artiste with dreads on his head and well, even his wife Diana Marua seems not to be okay with his new kinda look.

The new look has stirred up mixed reactions among people online and well, you can guess that Bahati is now the talk of the town with the new looks.

The public was used to the bushy baby locks that he has had for the longest time in the music industry and now people have to accept the new look and adopt to it.

Bahati is currently in Dubai with his wife Diana Marua and their daughter Heaven Bahati with no assuarities whether their adopted son Mogan went along with them for the vacation.

Fans could sometime be savage as they questioned the gender of the mama hit maker telling him to allow his wife shave now so as to stop the competition of going to the salon.

Check out some of the reactions:

Diana marua: Babe, I never fold on you… but this look on you, NAAAAAHHHH 🤦‍♀️ @bahatikenya 😐 Who’s with me? ✋
Sava: Ukimpindua upside down, you have a duster 😭. I’m with you.

Afuya: Peer Pressure ndio itakumaliza brathe
Brayc: Sijui ni pamoja na dress code ama nini, but in this look(the whole look) makes you look more mature. Msinitupie mawe lakini😂 sina helmet😂
Jescah: Sasa Nani atakua mama heaven, you are beautiful
Stevie: Wacha Diana anyoe ndio uende salon sasa This Kenyan Gospel singers are confusing us now !