This long Madaraka weekend could not have been any worse. I was in pajamas and in bed all through it. Just my baby (laptop), bed and pajamas. Exciting? I know. All this was thanks to my horrible flu. I thought it would be done by Tuesday as that’s a working day but I was only getting worse. During this boring and horrible few days I heard all sorts of homemade remedies that could supposedly cure me. I never really tried most of the crazy ones but they were some really funny ones I had never heard of.


You can add fighting a cold to the list of never-ending benefits associated with exercise. Dr. Kinyanjui, a specialist at Kenyatta hospital explains;
“Moderate exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect and subsequently reduces the risk of infection,
It’s important, however, to keep it at a gentle pace, since high intensity exercise may temporarily weaken the immune system. “Mild exercise can also help to elevate body temperature, which can increase the efficiency of our immune response,” adds Dr. Kinyanjui. And in case you don’t feel like taking a brisk walk, Dr. Kinyanjui says that diaphoretic teas, like peppermint, yarrow or catnip, can also promote a rise in body temperature.