Now this is a matter close to heart; I like most teenagers and young adults have dealt and are still dealing with this menace. When I say acne, throw in the pimples and blackheads… Everything in this article is not just for ladies… men we know you’re struggling too and it’s ok.

I know we say beauty is skin deep but you can’t embrace warts so lets find out what you’re doing wrong.

Know your skin type…

This is quite important. There are three types of skin types: oily, dry and normal. Oily means you don’t need any facial oil because by the end of the day you’re shinning bright like a diamond J .Dry means your skin absorbs moisture fast and if you’re not careful you can get cracks on your face. Normal means you’re not struggling so much.

Anyone of these categories can get a rough face once in a while. I’m here to prevent that from being permanent damage.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Water is paramount. In fact you can survive longer on an all water diet than no water at all. So expose your system to water as often as you can. Drink it, shower, wash your face, go swim for crying out loud. Do what it takes to differentiate your skin from scales.

Mother nature cares…

Before you run off to buy products…look around you! There are so many natural products you can use on your skin but do research before you splash your face with the wrong item. Personally, I have oily skin and I’m faithful to aloe vera. This plant rejuvenates your skin, heals blackheads and gives you a natural glow. Yes it smells but once you get past the smell and wash it off you see the effects in days. Other suggested natural ways are; mud, eggs, avocado, honey, rose water, tomatoes, lemon and many more.

Cleanliness is heavenly…

So we all know where the face is positioned: this exposes it to almost everything; dust, dirt, sunlight and sweat. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say, there’s need to wash it more often. Don’t scrub, wash gently and in circular motions. This helps open and clean the pores which causes the pimples in the first place.

Love thyself…

It’s not crazy talk. Love does cure all. The times I’ve let my pimples be a big deal, they only became more and worse. Embracing is more powerful than fighting. Before you notice they reduce and even completely disappear.

By Stacey Nduta