Slippers are one accessory that never lacks in any household in Kenya. In most campuses, slippers always come in handy, as students always use them to get around the University compound. This means they are performing the same function as shoes. Slippers as described by Wikipedia under Footwear are light footwear that are easy to put on and off and are intended to be worn indoors, particularly at home.

Campus students always tend to break this fashion trend as most can be seen in public with slippers on their feet! The description of slippers can be very confusing at times due to the fact that there are male and female slippers. Female slippers are complicated in that they come under various categories. We have the open-heel slippers that encloses the top part of the foot and toes leaving the heel exposed. Another type of slipper is the closed slipper which has a closed heel cap that prevents the foot from sliding out.


Slipper boots are also another type usually preferred by women. They are mostly furry with strings and a small rubber sole. These are the only ones worn outside the house. Sandal slippers are the final type and they are cushioned by small rubber or fabric soles.

All these types of slippers are favourable indoors as they do not have the strength of a shoe to handle rough terrains outside the house. That is why they are trendy inside the house. The African knowledge of slippers though has derailed from their real description. In most colleges in Kenya students can be found wearing slippers to most lectures. Open feet are a nuisance to look at sometimes unless you go for pedicure!

Kenya is also experiencing rains in some parts such as Eldoret and Western parts of the country so slippers would not be a good fit to be used as shoes. Slippers are made of less tough material such as loose fabric and plastic and cannot match rubber and leather which are used to make shoes. When slippers are used as shoes they might get stuck in mud during rainy seasons and get your feet exposed to dirt which might cause foot diseases. In dry seasons slippers always attract dust to your feet and when sweat meets dust the feet might produce an aroma that might bring sadness to people’s noses. Please wear your slippers indoors!

By Edwin