Yesterday, Snapchat released an update to their application for both iOS and Android. The update brings new features that were previously unavailable or limited to specific people. Now people can add backdrops, links and voice filters.


A backdrops feature essentially lets you green-screen yourself into different scenes. Tap the Scissors button to locate the new Backdrop icon.

Voice Filters

They change the way your voice sounds in your snaps, without the need for a visual Lens. Just tap the speaker icon once you’ve recorded a snap, and choose one of the characters.

Paperclip Button

This lets you link to websites. That helps add some context to your snaps, but it will probably be most useful for businesses and organizations that want to promote their own products and services with a direct call to action. Viewers can simply swipe up to open the link right within Snapchat.

This will definitely bring back the uniqueness of Snapchat. Lets see what IG and Facebook will do about this.