With the exam buzz high, I’m certain that there are people who have not gotten what they expected. Well, I’m sure everyone knows that ‘you don’t always get what you want.’ and ‘Life isn’t always fair.’ Disappointments will always be there. Either your ‘the one’ turned down your proposal, someone else got your dream job, you failed your interview or in this case you scored below your expectations. Here are some ways to get through it:

#1 Keep an open mind.

Getting a C+ was never the end of the world. You can bridge the most essential subjects or do a diploma or certificate for it. Don’t drink or smoke yourself silly cause of missing something you really wanted. It won’t change things.Think about how you’ll solve what’s done or go abouit it. How wise is sulking over a lost job instead of applying for another.

#2 Stay Busy

Being idle would simply lead you into depression. Engage yourself in constructive activities like reading, playing games and the like. Make sure you’re always busy doing something you enjoy because when you’re idle you’ll inevitably think about it.Keeping it as far from your head as possible is wise.

#3 Accept the unchangeable.

Remember the saying, ‘There’s no point of crying over spilt milk.’ ? It’s very applicable in this case.The sooner you accept it, the faster you get past it. It’s just like forgiving ; the sooner you forgive someone the faster you forget that he or she stepped on your toes. Don’t brood of unchangeable things, accept them then move on. Life isn’t in a stand still just cause you can’t load that you got the dreadful ‘Y’.

#4 Avoid negative people.

At such low moments in life, avoid people who speak bile. It’s enough that your pride is wounded you don’t need someone to rub salt in the wound. Relax and find peace of mind among positive energy.

#5 Talk to someone.

A problem half shared is a problem half solved. I always feel better after telling my bestie what spoilt my day. Maybe it’s just me but sharing your troubles with someone close will do you good. It’s almost like offloading. I think it’s knowing someone else is holding your hand as you get through it.

Having done all of this, you need to begin planning your next move. Your whole life will not become a stand still due to KCSE results. So think of it as an opportunity to start something new.