#TrendyTuesday Up Your Social Media Game This 2016


By the time Facebook hit the waves some of us were still carrying around kabambes and had to go to the cyber after school to check what was going on. Many guys used this platform to hit on girls they met at a “funkie”or something. Truthfully most of us probably regret how we punctuates and shortened words back in the and possibly posted really irrelevant stuff. This year manage your social media. Be cool and not seem like a dummy while you are at it.

Here is how to up your social media game:

  1. Do not document every second you breathe on social media.

Life is short and it is okay to keep memories just do not tell the world what you are doing, eating, where you’re going every time. Quite frankly it is irritating and gives off the impression that you actually do not have a life. Keep your personal life especially, personal.

2. Punctuate

For some people, writing properly may be a task, but try to punctuate. Your potential boss may also be your Facebook friend or a follower on twitter and writing stuff like “Gud Dae” or “xup pple” will just make you come out as a retard. I bet nobody want to seem that way on a global networking platform.

3. Be modest with the pictures

Ladies are accused of being the biggest culprits in this area. Keep your goods inside, even on photos.  Filters are okay. If you can, have well edited pics on the internet.

4. Keep your eye out for job opportunities or business ideas

Share those hilarious memes and videos as much as you want on the web but do so with the insightful ones too. A lot companies are embracing brand advertising and having their products on social media.  Some people get jobs through these platforms too.

5. Clean up your social media

I blame you not if you have already messed up a few times on Facebook or Instagram. You can always bring down those embarrassing pics, videos or status updates.

Have a social media clean 2016!