Social Media : the Home Wrecker of the 21st Century

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(Last Updated On: August 18, 2014)

I know I know the title is a tad too alarmist… but with good reason. Humans are social beings and now that socializing has been brought to the palm of their hands; many priorities have been put aside, standards have been lowered and virtues lost.

Facebook, twitter, myspace, instagram, whatsapp, bbm, flickr, tumblr, pinterest, skype, linkedin, scoop, youtube, vine are but the few I can mention at the moment. All have benefited us individually I dare say. But I think it’s about time to look at them without too much admiration.

I’m sure you’ve been a victim of break up via social media. I apologise for pouring salt on that wound, however, let’s just call a spade a spade. Communication has been completely rewired, relationships have been altered and estranged. Social media has damaged our one place of familiarity; home.


There have been cases of marriages collapsing because the spouse had nudes on their phone from various klandes. “He cheated on me,” is how she’d explain her divorce to others. For those not familiar with the term, ‘emotional cheating’: just know it’s the thought of cheating regardless of whether it was acted upon or not. Nowadays, spouses may flirt with their klandes or ‘mbuguas’ via these social media apps and lie that it’s just messages from work. Clearly, the vows and promises of eternal love are long forgotten. I’d lay low and say it’s none of my business. But c’mon! Why did you get married in the first place if you can’t even be faithful? The emotional cheats eventually cause cracks and before you can say timber, everything caves in on you.

Parents and children

I don’t think happens only to me but we can all be in the same room but not talking to each other. Everyone typing away and giggling at their phones’ screens. In fact my mum can whatsapp me and yet we are in the same house. When my ‘shosh visits she complains so we put them away…act like a normal family and slide back to our old habit as soon as she’s left. No one is bothered about how their family spent their day. Communication is completely broken. A family meeting is even worse because parents want you to express yourselves to them… but all you can think of is the many messages you have to reply after you’re done with them. Ask yourself… when was the last time you initiated a conversation with a parent or sibling? Be honest with yourself and realize blood is thicker than water. Family will always have your back because they love you unconditionally… so give attention where it’s due before it’s too late.


I do hope you understand my alarmist title now with a better scoop of my perspective. Ponder on and feel free to comment.


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