New Social Networking site for students

In the present digital world, FreezeCrowd social network has a heavy influence on Kenyan youth.

about FreezeCrowd

Talking from an optimistic point of view, some of the positive influence of FreezeCrowd on the Kenyan youth.  freezecrowd is a social network connecting thousands of University students across the world through photo sharing and the use of Freezetags to connect crowds. Influence of FreezeCrowd in terms of education is immense. The students can share and collaborate with the instructor or lecturers at any given time and find solutions to their issues. They can gain and share knowledge which is most unique about this platform. With the emergence of the social networking site, the life of youngster is very comfortable to live. In the generation of youths, FreezeCrowd instills some sort of discipline with users using their real profiles and the use of student emails to combat fakes and frauds from getting to the site. It allows users to practice discipline and tolerance with each other’s sentiments thus allowing individuals to express themselves in a manner that guarantees the future of honest and cultured persons.

Youth are connected with the world via FreezeCrowd and the campus story buzzes only on FreezeCrowd and nowhere else on the Internet. It’s on FreezeCrowd where funny photos are, it’s on FreezeCrowd where University conversations gather with innovative and genius mindsets play puzzle and ask each other questions about each other. On FreezeCrowd everything stays there since it doesn’t allow user posts to surface the Internet space.

In conclusion, Influence of FreezeCrowd on youth has positive results than any other sites. FreezeCrowd is the home of responsible social media usage for the future.