The much awaited SONU elections have been cancelled indefinitely after a long struggle to bar some aspirants from the race.

The UoN administration, in an interview with the press this morning said that its decision to cancel the elections was for the good of the students and the university at large.

This is a major setback to all the aspirants who have reportedly spent huge amounts of cash, some even to the tune of Kshs.500, 000 so far in the campaigns, hoping to win the respective seats they were vying for in the election that was to be held on the 11th of April.

The administration declined to give further information on the issue, saying it will communicate as time goes by. “The senate came to this agreement after foreseeing the damage that could be caused by the students should their respective candidates fail to be sworn in,” said the spokesperson in the phone interview. will keep you updated on the unfolding events as the day progresses. Meanwhile, have a wise April Fools’ Day!

VarCity Correspondent