Are you located in Machakos or Kitui? Are you looking to enroll in a University close by? South Eastern Kenya University is an ideal educational institution. Check out the courses they offer to see if anything works for you.

School of Health Sciences

  1. Master of Science in Infectious Disease Diagnosis, Public Health, Epidemiology, International Health.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Population Health, Medical Microbiology.


School of Pure and applied Sciences

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
  2. Master of Science in: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physics ,Biodiversity Conservation and Management


  1. Bachelor of Science in: Actuarial Sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Electronics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

School of Business and Economic

  1. Master of business Administration (MBA)
  2. Bachelor of: Commerce, Procurement And Supply Chain Management, Economics, Economics And Statistics, Project Planning & Management, Business and Information Technology.
  3. CPA: Part I (Section 1&2), Part II (Section 3&4), Single subject (all parts)

School of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in: Dryland Resources Management, Agricultural Economics, Animal Science
  2. Master of Science in: Agricultural Resources Management, Livestock Production Systems, Agronomy, Reproductive Biology, Agricultural Economics and Rangeland.
  3. Bachelor of Science in: Agriculture, Dryland Agriculture, Dryland Animal Science, Range Management, Food Nutrition & Dietetics, Horticulture Agribusiness Management & Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Education & Extension.

School of Information and Communication Technology

  1. Master of Science in Information Systems
  2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  3. Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Master of Arts in: Sociology, Kiswahili, Religious Studies Gender and Development Studies.
  2. Bachelor of Arts in: Social Work Gender and Development Studies, Specializing in ONE or TWO of the following; Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Economics, English and Literature.
  3. Diploma in Social Work and Social Development


School of Water Resources, Science and Technology

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Integrated Water Resources Management
  2. Master of Science in: Integrated Water Resources and Watershed Management Aquaculture
  3. Bachelor of Science in; Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Technology, Aquatic Science

School of Environment and Natural Resources Management

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in: Environmental Management, Climate Change and Agro-forest
  2. Master of Science in: Environmental Management, Climate Change and Agroforestry
  3. Bachelor of Science in: Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management, Environmental Management, Land Resources Management, Forestry

School of Education

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration and Planning
  2. Master of Education degree with options in: Educational Administration, Educational Planning, Educational Planning, Education in Emergencies, Curriculum Studies, Economics of Education, Corporate Governance in Education, Kiswahili Methods
  3. Master of Education Degree in Educational Foundations with options in; History of Education, Philosophy, Sociology of Education, Comparative and International Education, Adult and Continuing Education. (Regular and Institution/School based)
  4. Bachelor of Education (Science)

Institute of Mining and Mineral Processing

Master of Science in Agro-meteorology, Mineral exploration and mining

Bachelor of Science in Geology Meteorology