Spectacular Africa: Artistic Bifocals of Cyrus Kabiru


Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru, represented by Ed Cross Fine Art, creates C-Stunner spectacles that serve as powerful metaphors for how Africa is seen by the outside world, and vice versa. The works are rich in social comment; from glasses with bars that evoke the jails of Nairobi, to those with spent bullets that tell a story of criminal or police brutality.

Kabiru says he was inspired by ‘memories of my father’s childhood where he dropped his glasses by accident and a lorry ran over them, shattering them completely. It goes without saying that he received a very thorough beating from my grandfather. From that day on my father hated glasses. I admired sun-glasses though, but wearing them was an impossibility because of my father’s attitude towards them and I thus decided that when I grew up I would pick up from where the lorry left off.’