From July 1,2019, the Interior¬† Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i mentioned that all betting companies in Kenya will be subjected to scrutiny and only those that have been paying taxes will be allowed to continue transacting business. This statement was released after the minister came to realization on how betting companies have continued to increase in the economy with a huge number of youths caught up in it.

Betting Companies

Have you ever asked yourself, what will happen if this trend keeps going on? There are a variety of companies that have been in the business for quite sometime.

1xBet, Sport Pesa,Betika,Betin, Betpawa, Dafabet among other companies have been the talk of town for quite sometime. Majority of the youth have found themselves with Apps either on their mobile or some go to the betting booths to place their respective bets. We have heard cases of people winning up to 221 Million just in the name of betting . Some gamblers also lose a lot of money in the bets they place day in and out.


  • The development of smartphones have led many to join the gambling game.
  • Unemployment among the youth
  • The abundance of mobile money service providers for instance Mpesa.
  • Hobbies and some are referred by friends
  • A population that needs “fast and easy money”

problems associated with betting

  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal activities
  • Domestic violence
  • Family breakdown
  • Suicidal Attempt

We have consistent gamblers that have kept their shoulders up no matter the consequences. Despite few wins that are recorded by those who play the game, betting has turned out to be addictive for many .

Key questions you need to ask yourself

  • Have you ever borrowed money to participate in betting?
  • Has betting made your life miserable?
  • Has betting affected your reputation?
  • Have you ever lost time from work or school in the name of betting?
  • Have you ever felt sad after loosing a bet?
  • Do you bet for fun or you are using it as a source of income?

If you are able to digress the questions and note how betting has impacted your life either negative or positive, then you know what to do….