How To Spot Fake Yeezy’s


Yeezy’s are the dopest shoes anywhere! Go to any campus and you will spot all the f*k boys in the shoes.

Kanye West’s latest design officially released in late-June, instantly sold out and is re-selling for no less than 5 times the retail price.  There has been an increase in online shops who all claim to be selling the original Yeezys.

Being the Plug, we want to chanua you on how to spot fake Yeezys:

  1. Heel-Tab


On the fake pair the heel-tab is placed a lot further away from the ankle collar

2. Toe Stitching


The black stitching pattern going up the middle from the midsole on the fake is just a disaster. On the retail real pair, you can see that there is a clear pattern that looks like an “X” and then a square — and it repeats

3. Bottom of the Insoles

The underside of the insoles are completely different on the fake.


4. Insoles

The writing on the insole of the fake is white, which is incorrect. It’s black on the real pair. Also, the wording runs in the opposite direction on the fake.”


5. Footbed

When you remove the insoles, this is what you see. Notice the retail pair has a black strip going thru the middle, while the fake has exposed stitching.”


6. YZY


The ‘YZY’ is massive on the fake. The font is tremendously larger. Easy to spot.

So if you know someone who has been bragging bout his Yeezy’s go and check out if they are real or not!

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