The 23 yr old Nehema studying psychology is making headlines thanks to her stylish headwraps.

As she explains how it all started, Nehema has worked with various brands including the then Miss India 2014 who loved her work.

“It all started after my high school I couldn’t afford Salon Money thus I resorted to tying wraps since at the time I was singing with the girls boys choir of Kenya and we were always required to look neat.. Thus the wraps came in handy. The first time I tied it my fellow singers thought it was stylish they didn’t know the reasons behind it…The compliment grew by the day and eventually I started coming up with different styles and got inquiries on how to tie the wraps.. Huge number of people asked even strangers on the way… Then came the tag name from friends and family “MaMa Africa”  “Queen of Head wraps”. Eventually it became a habit which I know see as a talent and I embraced the name.”

“My breakthrough came when I posted a photo of me on Facebook and one of Kenyans Greatest designers tagged Miss India Kenya 2014. She loved my work and she became my first client. I decided to embrace the world of styling head wraps.. Few photos of me and the wraps.”

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Her story has encouraged many and most envy her stylish head wraps.

Clearly it is a motivation to millennial turning passion into business.