We’ve all have heard, “akili ni nywele”. Hair is as important as your outfit. With hairstyles, you can express yourself , your personality and character.

  1. Colored braids

Every young girl did this, the colorful braids and beads. Bringing back the color. This is a risky if not played well. Neutral colors, would go well with any outfit, it all depends on the accessories and matching colors. According to Anita.

“Outre braids, Ghanian braids come in great colors. Braid in black then join a whitestrip at the end, so that it looks like part of the black braid.”


Model: Anita Omanga

2. Side cuts Hairstyles

They are now a girly thing. It may seem crazy having part of your hair shaven, but the results may be as cool as this.

Model: Beryl Otieno


Model: Eve Willimila

The haircut is affordable, 150 to 200 every two weeks to maintain that fresh cut. Color can be added to it or braiding. It was an aspiration from Pink and Miley Cyrus.


  1. Crochet braids

This is stress free, cheap and maintainable.  Gone are the days, you   would spend hours at the salon, itchy weaves or the extreme expenses that come with that trendy and stylish look. They also help grow hairlines. It can be accessorized with heard scarfs and ribbons for that girly look.

Model: Yvonne Akoth


  1. Natural afro Hairstyles

Team afro is finally being embraced. People are getting tired of perming and braiding. A natural hairdo is easy to maintain, just keeping it moisturized for that stylish looks. Some hair textures curl when washed and oiled. Hair clips, ribbons and bobby pins becomes a girl’s best friend.

Model: Flora Wakesho


Any other styles you’ve spotted? Tell us below.