Squad, Here Is The Slang You Should Be Using


You’re out in campus looking young and fresh, swagged out and everything ill going on. What you must know is the slang you have with your fellow ‘cool kids’. It is called ‘cool kid’ talk.

Here is the latest of the coolest vocabulary around town:
This simply mean money, mullah, guap or a couple of Benjamins so if you’re about to changa that botti of Jameson, here is what you might say.

“I have enough coin today. We can add another botti.”

This refers to the intensity an event had.

“The Instagram party at Skyluxx was so lit! The crowd was chill. You should have come.”

Should be used to describe someone devoid. If you are the user of these words you’re supposed to feel extraordinary and out of this world.

“I am into jeans too; but what she is wearing right now is hella basic for me.’

You can always substitute the ‘tea’ [part to whatever it is you wanna sip. But this simply means that you’re choosing to ignore the elephant in the room or the discussion at hand.

“These girls are getting sponsors nowadays claiming to be Miss. Independents.* sips tea*

Simply a way of aggressive agreement or a firm way of saying ‘yes.’

“We the illest bae!”

Fear Of Missing Out.Nuff said.

“I have to get turnt up tonight with the squad. FOMO!”

This is someone’s personal way of expressing themselves to almost mean that something is on fleek.

“I know , I know! My dress! Aesthetic!”

Any other slang we forgot to mention? Tell us below.