For a long time, Starehe boys center has been a force to reckon with in the academic performance field. But lately it looks like they have either gone for a vacation, seen that they need to give others a chance or are just too tired of seeing themselves in the top positions all the time.

After the release of the 2015 KCSE exams, Kenyans were shocked and disappointed at the same time after they saw the performance of some of the brightest boys from Starehe boys center. They were so embarrassed that the students locked out journalists from their school. What has been going wrong, for the last three years? For a school that has impeccable facilities, bright students, outstanding teachers and a very comfortable living environment in school compared to many Kenyan High Schools their performance leaves many speechless.

Many attribute this situation with the passing on of one of the founders of the school, Dr. Geoffrey Griffin who died in 2005. After his death not only did the nation come to its knees but the students and teachers were greatly damaged by this loss. Dr. Griffin was a parent to them in school, a teacher, a mentor, a team player and one who loved God. He made them understand that if they were lucky to get a chance to join the school, then they should make it up to themselves to be better people once out of the school. It seems that he was the backbone of the school and now without him, they cannot walk talk anymore.

Secondly, their poor performance is being related to continuous leadership wrangles in the school. It is obvious that for any institution that has many people placing their own selfish needs first then the rest are bound to fail. Starehe Boys Centre is crashing in the hands of the corrupt and the ones who see opportunities to en-rich themselves in the expense of the young who had a different vision when they joined the school.

Thirdly, the school is now controlled by the who is who in the country. Before, the school was all about the bright and needy students. Today you just need to have enough money no matter what marks your child attained in the national examinations of the primary school. Starehe is no longer admitting bright and needy students and hence the poor performance.

Finally, maybe the boys are not aware that getting to position one is very easy but maintaining that position is the hardest task. Since they are used to the celebrations, they expect that it would be automatic for them to experience that every year and hence their relaxation when it comes to matters academics. They should understand that even the rich strive to remain rich.