New Starehe MP Charles Njagua Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar seems to have fired some shots at fellow musician Prezzo on his latest single titled “Ndoto” that he released soon after taking oath.

On the song, Jaguar says,

“Sina beef na hao wanajiita Kings na mfuko imetoboka. Jaguar ndio commander uliza Kamanda. Wanaodhani wametake-over wacha kwanza wanunue Range Rover juu nimewaacha na range noma. Naye refa ashasema game over,”

In the above lines he seems to refer to claims that Prezzo who used to be one of the flashiest stars on the music scene is broke though he still likes to behave as if he’s the rich Bad Boy we know and love. Prezzo allegedly doesn’t have a car and still thinks he runs the industry though Jaguar is saying he’s overtaken him success-wise. Prezzo has once also expressed interest in politics.

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Jaguar has said that despite taking on the role of being a Member of Parliament, being a business man and formerly being NACADA director, he will not stop dropping hits.

He said that the song is about his own personal journey and he hopes to inspire the youth by talking about his story.

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Some listeners though were not impressed by the song and they were also not too happy about ‘his excellency’ still wanting to put out music.

Reactions to Jaguar’s new song:

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