beautyBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, that which is sweet to my eyes is poisonous to another. The molding and the creation that was in the hands of the Mighty Maker is a mystery. Everything that exists is still a mystery and I am very far from knowing what exactly it is. The beauty at Daystar University is at another level. Oh my! Oh my! The lord created and He placed it on the earth for the real manifestation of beauty. This is where whether you like it or not, you just give glory to whom it’s due. It is interesting how everyone is beautiful in their different way such that it makes it impossible to rate and say she is the most beautiful in the whole world. There is always a prettier than what your eyes has seen. Beauty unfolds before our eyes every day. I still do not know what the phrase “The beautiful ones are not yet made” meant. Wanna see an array of beauty? Visit Daystar. Now I get the reason behind the hugging culture at Daystar, it is because everyone wants to have a share of that which is beautiful close to them.

Leaving aside the physical and outward beauty, there is also the inner beauty. The kindness that flows from the hearts of students is breath taking; the patience among each other and the spirit of togetherness makes us all STARS in the making. DAYSTAR WHERE STARS ARE MADE

Fashion is just an expression of the outward beauty that exists; character is an expression of the inner beauty that exists within.

What is your definition of beauty?

Soila Soittara