Having deep empty pockets in campus is not anybody’s cup of tea. One may have a lot of needs that their parents wouldn’t understand. You have got to look stylish, experience life in forms of food. Parties, site seeing and all these need one common thing- money.

If you are all about being independent and having your own hustle, here are some tips:

  1. Identify your skill

Okay, so maybe in this age there aren’t too many of us with a tangible skill. If you do not have one, it’s time to start developing. If you are good with your hands making accessories can be a good idea.

Richmond 1

If social media is your thing make it a job. Being a social media or sites’ manager is an actual thing in this day. You could also brand yourself well enough for people to want you for advertising. Sales are also an option if talking is your activity and you are good at convincing people to buy stuff.

  1. Start small

Your first shilling are not going to be plenty, you should be able to accept that. Plan to increase stock and profits as you go.


  1. Be ethical- always

Consumers love reliable service providers; be one. Always deliver your product at the agreed time and in good condition. Never sell a broken earring to someone. This will kill your hustle.


  1. Keep records of everything

If you do not own a computer buy a notebook to help you keep records on your expenditure and profits. If you are making more loses than profits, it is time to strategize.


  1. Research

Find what other people in your area of interest are doing or have done to get better. After your research, see to apply their useful methods if any to your hustle.


  1. Move on up

When business gets good, do not relax. Move to the next level. This is how one of Kenya’s multi-millionaires, Chris Kirubi, made his millions.

chris kirubi

Your college hustle may just grow into your lifelong success.

Are you interested in starting a side hustle? What is it? Tell us below.