Safety is a crucial thing. Bad things will always help unexpectedly leaving a lot of people hurt or helpless.

With these apps, they ensure that you are safe and that you offer a helping hand if need be.

  • Kenya Red Cross (KRC) App

It has been rated as the world’s most advanced humanitarian app. It was aimed at bringing the humanitarian services closer to the people of Kenya. It is available on both Android and OIS  platform.

The organization set to help users be able to get emergency services, get emergency news and also have the ease in finding blood donations points.

  • Usalama App

Conceptualized in 2014, the app was a mastermind by Strathmore University students. The app was then launched in 2015. It was recognized as the most promising app in Africa by the Royal Academy Engineering. Through play store one is able to download the Usalama app.

The app  was aimed at  boosting individual safety. Frustration of the toll free line where victims would not get immediate help acted as a motivation to this app’s concept.

  • Bonga App

The App was a brainchild of former Egerton University students.

The app was to help fight gender based violence. It allows potential victims to send an `SOS’ message . It requires one to download the app, add trusted friends and family members to their safety circle. The `SOS’ message can be received as long as the recipient has data connection and shows `a pick me up’ option.

  • Circle of 6 App

The app was originally created to end sexual- based violence in schools.

Just like the Bonga app, one was required to add trusted friends or family friends that would offer help when one was in distress. The app was approved by Former USA President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Bidden.

Any other safety app you have checked out? Tell us below.