Stella Mwangi popularly known as STL is taking 2017 by storm in Hollywood. The Norway-based Kenyan singer, songwriter and rapper seems to be soaring even higher this year. After recently featuring on Top 100 Radio chart in Italy with her song Work ranking at number 18, she has gone on to an even bigger stage. Her songs seem to be attracting a large audience especially in Hollywood.

STL has got another one of her songs featured in an upcoming film. She tweeted on Monday afternoon that her song Big Girl would be used as a soundtrack to an upcoming movie that features Scarlet Johanson. The movie titled Rough Night is set to be released on June 16th this year and will have STL’s song on it.

She also shared the trailer on her Facebook page STL- Stella Mwangi with the movie accompanied by the soundtrack. You can check out the trailer on this link is not the first time her song has been used as a soundtrack in film. Her song ‘Set it Off’ was used in the 3rd episode of Being Maryjane season 4. There have been other songs from STL that have been soundtracks before and Big Girl is her latest feature. She is certainly a girl that is going big!