Stephen Curry has recently been all over the news for shattering his record for three pointer shots. Wednesday night, he made 46 points and a 10 three-pointer  that put him past a 400 mark.

A few years ago, when Stephen Curry was merely a good player with bad ankles, a charity called Nothing But Nets struck a deal with the promising Warriors point guard.

Curry agreed to send three malaria-preventing mosquito nets to Africa for every 3-pointer he made. It worked out beyond their wildest dreams — a swish come true.

“This is like the Kardashians giving you three nets every time they take a selfie,”

By the time Curry was done demolishing his own single-season record Wednesday night, the greatest shooter in the galaxy had 402 3-pointers — and 1,206 more families in Africa had insecticide-treated bed nets.

Stephen Curry has fun with refugee children at Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in Tanzania, where he helped distribute 38,000 bed nets in August 2013.

Curry donated big last season, too, when he set the NBA record at 286. And two years before that when he set the benchmark at 272.

At $30 for every 3-pointer he makes, Curry has directly added $36,630 to the Nothing But Nets coffers.

“But the amount of money he’s inspired is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Easy,” said Chris Helfrich, the director of Nothing But Nets. “It’s hard to trace all the funds back to Steph, but it’s easily well into the six figures.”

The donations are just part of the Curry equation. Nothing But Nets also managed to pounce early on a youngster who would grow up to be the ideal ambassador, a superstar with both a killer crossover dribble and universal crossover appeal.

Not only is the guy entertaining the world and breaking records, he is protecting millions of children from Malaria.

Courtesy of Mercury News.