Stephen Collins’ alleged child molestation scandal got “7th Heaven” reruns yanked off the air … which means his former co-stars are about to see their residual checks dry up.Niki Saletta and her brother Sam Saletta were 2 of the child actors on the show — and Niki’s manager (and mom)Caryn Moss tells us when the reruns stop airing, the residual paychecks stop too. She admits they weren’t “Seinfeld” sized … but says they’ll still be missed.Niki played”Deena Stewart” on18 episodes, and Sam was “George Camden” on 6 episodes — so, it’s true … at this point residuals (known as mailbox money in the biz) for non-starring roles would be pretty small. TV Guide Network and UP TV both dropped”7th Heaven” from their lineups after TMZ posted Collins’ audio taped confession to sexual misconduct with young girls. They were the last 2 channels airing the show in the U.S. As for her children’s safety on set — Moss tells us she never saw anything suspicious, and never had any concerns about Collins.