Having lots of paper money can make you happy, but they can make you unhealthy too. With thousands of bacteria in each, think about the germs we pass to other people and what they pass to us. In fact, it was discovered by the study known as Dirty Money Project conducted by researchers at New York University that there are at least 3,000 types of bacteria lurking in one dollar bills.

Bacteria are not the only ones you can find in paper bills. Studies have shown that the majority of cash in the US come with cocaine because drug traffickers use their bare hands to move the money. There are also problems, such as fecal matter, as reported in the Southern Medical Journal in 2002. Now, there’s terrifying news that involves dirty paper bills. Some bank tellers caught a sexually-transmitted disease by simply counting cash.

Paper Money Just Got Really Dirty

It happened in Wenzhou, China where two bank tellers were so unfortunate after counting infected cash. They consulted gynecologists and they were informed that they now have sexually- transmitted disease (STD) after touching paper money. Both of them acquired genital warts from their job. The gynecologists theorized that the two women were infected by the cash indirectly after they handled the money and went to the bathroom.

A Chinese clerk is counting renminb (not the money or bank in story) / PicHelpi
A Chinese clerk is counting renminb (not the money or bank in story) / PicHelpi

Regrettably, they did not wash their hands before going to the bathroom after counting the infected paper money.

One of the tellers was sexually active but was only with one person before she caught the STD.

According to the 30-year old teller, her partner, who was her fiancé, tested negative for any type of sexually-transmitted disease. On the other hand, the other teller, who wanted to remain anonymous, revealed that she has had no experience whatsoever.

Source: www.stethnews.com