001She sat there so dilapidated, time had flown so fast. A year, to her, was like half a minute. So minute a time. The other voices echoed in her cerebrum. Nyalego and Muthoni; her mum’s and her mother-in-law’s harsh voices battled. Both were becoming so impatient. And they talk a lot, quite a typical trait of the women who ‘graduated’ in the 70s. ‘Graduate’ used in the Afro context, getting married. The word would eventually spread like the bush fire caused by a careless hunter. They, she and her man, both knew that the truth would soon be exposed to the already curious world. Talk of hiding a secret from a group of cats. The man, Murima, was lucky and more or less at ease. He’s African. He only feigned his grief at least to lend a supporting hand to Akinyi, her love. Murima knew pretty well that if the pressure exceeded his limits, he will have to opt for a second option. Wife number two. This time round, he wouldn’t repeat his mistakes not unless he’s out to exhibit his gross stupidity to the world. I told you the world is watching.

She sat there so dilapidated, time had flown so fast- backwards this time. Akinyi remembered her heydays in campus. She had become tops in her deep rural school in Nyanza. She vividly remembers her journey, accompanied by Nyalego, aboard Mbukinya bus headed to Nairobi to join her university of choice. “Nyathina, som matek ikonywa dala…na uchunge maisa…hii ni Narobi”   These were her mum’s last words to her before she went to Gikomba to buy some goodies for her village friends en route Machakos Airport. Now back to Akinyi. She secured a hostel in school with a one Vivian aka Vivv aka the Nairobi chic. This created a two sided cloud. It was either Akinyi to turn Vivv into a humble rural chic or Vivv to turn Akinyi into a town girl. This is where the naïve ones fall prey. Definitely it’s Akinyi who fell prey of Vivv. She remembered her first party which was hosted by a prominent ‘dirty’ politician in some posh den in Hurlingham. Akinyi had joined Twitter by then and her tweets explained the feeling well iced up by her Jaluo nature. She met the who is who in the business world. Her doors were open and she created more space in her phonebook. The revelers there had noticed her naivety and she became a target. Here, she found sweeter Vodka than the Blue Moons she was used to with her broke campus dudes. No offence but to me, broke is relative. Anyway, the party got underway and so did the number of bottles she galloped. The problem with sweet liquor is that you don’t know when you are high enough. High enough? Hehe, if only ‘highness’ was measurable! The Tom the swinger approached her and blabbered some indistinct words into her intoxicated ears. Moments later, they excused themselves. Her naivety and intoxicated nature gave Tom an easy time in ‘chipoing’ her. Chipo is the new slang word for rape, that’s according to me (oh, and you too i.e. if we share the same sentiments)

She woke up the next morning in bed with Kibet. “Hey, who’s Kibet? Gai, huyu ametoka wapi? Where’s that Tom of a guy??” Kibet , on realizing the look on Akinyi’s face, quickly put on his clothes and rushed out. Moments later, Vivv came in as confused as Akinyi but Vivv was more used to such aftermaths. They both left and, as usual, passed via the chemist for some P2s. Even the chemist attendant knew Vivv very well. She would be heard, occasionally, asking Vivv “Nikupee zile zako ama leo utajaribu hizi mpya??” Yeah, that was Vivv and Akinyi was already in the overtaking lane; she was tired of following Vivv. The habit continues all through her campus life. Yes, she graduated with flying colors. She knew virtually all the bad lecturers plus her rich friends in the government influenced her STD (Sexually Transmitted Degree).

Years later, she met Murima. By now, she was regretting about her past life. It had hit her so hard. She really wanted to change. To settle down and correct her past mistakes. Murima was stealing suggestive glances and smiling at her amorously. But Akinyi was still sad. Very. Everybody else around them was sad. Saddened by the death of their friend. They even cried more as Vivv’s casket was lowered 6ft under. Murima had lost his workmate and Akinyi her old time friend. For a moment, Akinyi regretted ever meeting Vivv. Meeting her was more like inviting the virus into her life. Death. Vivv had died at an early age. May she rest in peace.  Akinyi knew hers was knocking. Akinyi was a strong lady. She decided to accept and move on. Move on and get married. And Murima looked nice a husband to her. Time flew fast and they got married.

She sat there so dilapidated, time had flown so fast. She looked at the bloody knife on the floor. Blood oozed from her stomach. Things were now on slow motion mode- and irreversible too. The doctor had earlier confirmed her fears. She was HIV positive and the numerous emergency pills had made her barren. To her, she really had no reason to live. Who would? The pain was now unbearable, she decided to end it by farther jabbing herself in her chest. Her precision couldn’t have made her miss her heart. BLACK OUT.

“AKINYI THE AIDS AMBASSADOR COMMITS SUICIDE” read the dailies. I told you the world was watching!!!

by Slither Bee