All the greats have that one thing about them that the rest of the world doesn’t completely love and accept but allow anyway because..well..that’s how the world is.

Well today i thought it was about time we address one of those greats before it gets out of hand.*Fist in the air*Freedom is a basic right,is it not??

Campus is often referred to as a place to experiment,live,love,cry,hurt,get up again and build from there.Its where you make friends who will probably be your best friends till the day you leave this earth.So it should be as fun and as memorable as possible right???

It is important to keep up with trends,whether you’re male or female,and as much as some people may abuse it,that right shouldn’t be taken away from you.

Strathmore is an impeccable school,great credentials and a good environment to nurture great people.There’s a but coming.The dress code

I am not that much against enforcing an official dress code but the level of your abit overboard.For example,stopping a student from going to class because her bra strap is showing or because the shorts-knee high- she has on are too short,you’re trying to imply her dress code is more important than his/her education.

Well is it??

Vix is out.