Well well well… Strathmore University impress yet again. Recently, the SSL was recognized and their efforts appreciated by the UN secretary General.
In his report to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Ban Ki-moon thanked Strathmore Law School and Voice of the Family in Africa for organizing and co-hosting the African Regional forum on the family. The African Preparatory Conference, which covered such themes as confronting family poverty and social exclusion, ensuring work-family balance, and advancing social integration and inter-generational solidarity in Africa, was held in Nairobi on 23 and 24 January 2014 and was organized by Voice of the Family in Africa International and the Law School of Strathmore University in Kenya. Ban Ki Moon said;
Issues discussed at the conference included social protection for families at risk, empowering young women, work-family balance initiatives, family policies and family, informal work, fertility and parenthood. Persistent poverty, informal working arrangements, insecurity, crime and corruption were cited as the main obstacles to development in Africa. On the positive side, several African countries have made or envision changes in their constitution so as to adopt a rights-based approach to the provision of social services.”
Such appreciation though not in written form are of high value… kudos to the SSL.
Don’t you dare stop now.