Kenyan Universities have already started enrolling students who are beginning their first year. Most will be in by next month when the whole process of preparation ends. Private Universities such as Zetech have already started their orientation program meaning the new faces have already arrived.

Being a freshman is one of the worst feelings ever to be honest. You are new and everything around you seems confusing. You get scared of almost everything and everyone who tries to talk to you. First day in the new compound is sickening and if you have been admitted in big public Universities such Kenyatta and Nairobi you might even get lost.

First year students are normally the most confused especially during the first week. Orientation does help sometimes but those sessions are sometimes not well presented. Some first years get lost while searching for a hall that has the orientation program going on where they are supposed to be taught directions.

The number of students admitted in public Universities in Kenya is normally high and getting in touch with individuals is hectic. Some first years are totally left out in basically everything in their first week at the University. Some never get to attend classes due to fear of sitting in class with total strangers from every part of the Country. Others have to put up with close to 5 roommates in campus.

Most first year students never get advised on how to budget their money. Fresh from high school, most buy whatever comes buy because they have money at the moment. They then go broke after a week and the stress creeps in.

There is also something else. Gold rush. First years bring new energy and also opportunities to continuing students. Gold rush happens when the continuing guys scramble to date new girls in first year. Most first year guys are left lonely but if courageous enough they might date a second year girl with a low self-esteem.