• Chaotic demonstrations

Whatever students from public universities in Kenya demonstrate about, always ends in throwing of teargas canisters and stones. Sometimes these demonstrations are stirred by student politics, sometimes by delay of HELB loans but whatever the cause, they mostly end badly. Civilians’ vehicles or business premises end up vandalized and students get hurt in the midst of it all. Students of Kenyatta University in particular have it rough as their school is near the Barracks; authorities get there twice as fast as any university.

  • Starting your semester in the middle of the semester

Most classes in public universities commence on the second month of the semester. This is because both students and lecturers play truant. It is however dying down.

  • Hustling for internships and attachments

As if the systems are not hectic enough, in most public universities, one has to do his or her job attachment or internship. It is considered a requirement and in some universities, a unit where you have to hunt for a job and work for minimum 8 weeks.  Some private university students are lucky enough to be posted to various organizations.

  • Crazy student politics

Let’s face it, our student politics are more dramatic than private universities’ politics. Even the elections sometimes pan out to be hectic due to students fighting or harassed by others.

  • Crowded classes.

It is very unlikely to find a class in public university with less than 70 students, in some, students have to sit outside their classes to get a little bit of what their lecturers have to say. Some students choose to skip their classes and only attend their CATs and examinations. This also makes it hard for the lecturers to evaluate every student’s work.

As hard as it can get in public universities, we learn major survival skilss and have fun while we are at it.