I have always hated interviews. I’d prefer having a performance on a stage of 1000 pairs of eyes looking at me than sitting for an interview.You probably think you can escape the interview fever till when you’re job hunting. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but to join certain private universities, i.e Strathmore University, you need to do an interview / assessment test, both written and oral.

Early Bird

I had an interview at Strathmore University yesterday morning. Given the interview was at 8 am, I had to be up VERY early. ( I’m not a morning person so this was dreadful!!) This is definitely the best time to travel as the cars are not as many and fare is much friendlier. Travelling from Kileleshwa, I got to the university by 7 am. The admin office wasn’t even open. At least that was an achievement. Punctuality.

However, I couldn’t help but notice the utter beauty of the school. I’ve personally never been there before so… the stunning art pieces on the walls and how well it’s been built took me by surprise. Then I understood why the fee is waaaay over the average. (about KSH. 400,000 per annum).

Exam Begins

Seems like we all got the memo to come early. Others arrived shortly after me and others had already made themselves comfortable. By 8.00 am the office doors were opened. Protocol was observed. All my documents were in order. I paid the Ksh. 1500 interview fee and then came the when came the worst part. The assessment test. The joy!

All candidates were spread out in the large lecture hall and the exam was handed out. The exam was a freaking booklet! It was like 12 pages long with paragraph long questions. I looked around and everyone else looked so calm. ”Am I the only one freaking out??” I asked myself. The instructions read all answers are write but choose the best answer. Really?? Is that even possible?

My heart begun pounding out of control and my hands sweating and my breath bated.  I begun to second guess myself, do I really want to go to this school anyways?? But I was already there. I couldn’t just walk out. Walk out on an opportunity. Walk out on 1500/=. (Ukikuyu ni mbaya) My only option was to take the exam.

What are people writing?? 

I read every instruction, every question and did what I could. I mean it’s never that serious. Right? The questions were tricky and confusing. I felt like I was taking a personality test! I prayed as I answered every question and could feel my stomach grumbling as I had been so nervous about the exam, I completely forgot to eat!

After the very short one hour long exam to complete the booklet, I couldn’t believe many of the other guys had so much written in their books. However, I think a Higher power heard my prayers as the lecturer added an extra half an hour. I rushed as fast as I could to complete an essay in 20 minutes. Talk about the power of the fingers! And I was done. May not the best I would have written but it was better than nothing.

Oral Exam

We had break of tea and doughnuts which I consumed like somebody who has never seen food before. Then came the hardest part, the oral interview. All required is the basic knowledge of oneself and what you want. It’s almost like a presentation of a ‘Myself’ composition. It’s simply just ‘Your name’, ‘Why you want Law?’, ‘Why at Strathmore?’ , ‘Your parents’ Financial Stability?’ Simply just you.

There. That’s it. It’s wasn’t the end of the world. All you need for an interview is CRAB.

Good luck if you’re headed for one. And for the lecturer going through my exam, please be understanding 🙂

Any of you had or heading for an interview? Tell us about it and you can be featured in Student Chronicles.