Getting a chance to join campus is one of the best things that can happen to any young person. You meet new people; you interact with a different environment with different teachers and climate. You develop new skills; you learn the importance of standing on your own, you learn more about being an adult.

Moreover you discover that your whole life is in your hands and this includes; your fashion, your health and what little things you do to spoil yourself. In Daystar University, students have one special way of spoiling themselves, and this is through the foods that they eat.

Here are the top five student delicacies in Daystar University.

1. Chapo-Smoky.

This is a combination of a chapatti and a piece of smoky. The two are put together, with the chapatti being wrapped around the smoky. For most students the snack becomes sweeter when pieces of tomatoes, onions and chilly are added on top. The snacked, sold at only fifty shillings is consumed at an average four to five times in a day.

chapo smoky

This is for both the Kenyan and international students in the school.

2. French fries.

Now everyone loves fries, but not as much as students in Daystar University. Following chapo-smoky closely as the most consumed food in the school, French fries have proven to be everyone’s favorite. From the students to the lecturers in the school.

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The fast food is consumed by almost three quarters of the student population everyday at lunch and dinnertime. It is also offered to those who have paid their meals at the dinning hall. French fries in Daystar University go for only seventy shillings, therefore affordable to the larger population.

3. Mshikaki.

At third place, comes the Mshikaki delicacy. The students are treated to various mshikaki meat. Including; beef, chicken and pork. Like chapo-smoky, the delicacy comes at fifty shillings only.


4. Pizza.

Not everyone loves pizza but for the few who do, Athi river campus has proven to be not that far. For students order from their various favorite pizza spots when it comes to days like the famous terrific Tuesday. Pizza is usually consumed during slumber parties and end of semester parties or even sometimes when a friend has a birthday party.

5. Nyama choma.

If you are Kenyan, then you probably know the sweetness of Nyama choma. And in Daystar the spirit is maintained. Students are treated to beef and chicken choma at the cost of at least eighty shillings.nyama choma

Any other delicacy we have left out? Let us know!