Meet Ray Elphas; The Photography Guru


“Each click is a whole new lesson and benchmark for the next” Ray Elphas.

27 year old Ray is a UoN student majoring in Development communication who has ventured into photography. With a background in Broadcast production and NGO communication he succeeds in the competitive media industry.

Here is an insight of what it is to be a freelance photojournalist.

What does Ray do?

I can do everything in one story. Filming, researching, interviewing, writing TV and radio scripts.  In other news, I am a freelance photojournalist who is all round. I have a Nikon D7000, that I use in everything I do.


Somewhere in Kenya

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Describe your typical day?

I wake up at 6am, strong coffee. Since I work from home, editing and production takes place in the house. Whenever I have clients for a shoot or editing, I would get out of the house with my gear and meet them physically.

Freelancing, tell us more?

Yes, I do freelance. I don’t have much contacts with the local media though, which gives me disadvantages. But I get some work with other international journalists that I interacted with during my tenure as a producer with an international media.


May that smile and the glitter in your eyes always remain. #princessstephanie

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Take us through your photojournalism journey?

My passion for media has been there since high school. But was discouraged that it is so competitive. Joined college, with the knowledge acquired I got a job as communications officer in a youth NGO, then a broadcast media producer and this made me grow towards becoming the freelance photojournalist I am today.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by the late Wangari Maathai, to change the world for the better in whatever little ways we can.

Challenges you face in this industry?

Generally, poor promotion and recognition of talent in Kenya. Another thing is not having an idea about professional photography. There is also market break through. People believing that the person behind an expensive camera equals to a selfie stick and wondering why this guy is charging this much for a photo.

Serian Iteperia Kenya (good morning Kenya) from Samburu

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Not having an idea about professional photography, does it take anyone with a camera?

Photography is about passion. It is something you have to fall in love with and owning the expensive gear needed and pursuing all manner of paper qualifications alone doesn’t guarantee the best. I believe one can start with the very basic equipment they can afford and deliver great work only if they have the passion and chase to better themselves.

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