Jackline Kiraithe, who was a fourth year student at MultiMedia University (MMU) until her untimely demise.
The student was hit by a folk lift tractor at a construction site within the school compound. It is reported that she was the daughter of one of the school drivers who was pursuing her undergraduate course as well as a second degree course in Information Technology from Greenwich University.
The tractor was transporting construction material before the accident occurred but according to witness accounts, it is said that the deceased was on her earphone and might not have heard the tractor while the driver who surrendered himself to university security had loaded too much material and might not have been able to see her.
The driver who caused the accident was later arrested after the surrender. It is also alleged that another driver came to the scene and drove the tractor away and is still being investigated by police for tampering with evidence.

Ongata Rongai Police boss Mr. Silas Ringera confirmed the incident and said that the suspect who caused the accident was already booked and transferred to Hardy Police Station for further investigations while the second driver also is still under investigation.
Student leaders condemned the incident but did not want to protest against the reckless drivers and instead offered to stand in solidarity with the family of Miss Kiraithe for the loss.
The victim of the fatal accident was taken to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Rongai branch but was later transferred to the main branch in Hurlingham. She however succumbed to injuries.