UASU has earlier today issued their statement on the murder of the Meru University student leader, Evans Njoroge, yesterday. UASU Secretary General Constantine Wasonga termed the murder by the police as cruel, brutal, ruthless, uncivilized, uncouth and quite unprofessional.

Images circulating social media of the VC Magambo and DVC Gitonga

He backed the Meru student’s words stating that the Vice Chancellor, Magambo, must go. The student leader was short dead yesterday after students from the university protested the planned reopening of the university today before their grievances have been addressed by the university’s management.


Student Leaders Press Release on Evans Njoroge Shooting

The members from the Kenya Universities leaders and representatives from African Union students association released a press release saying:

“Members of the press, we are all gathered here, united in grief, pain and anger. We wish to bring to the attention of the nation the sad tale of events that happened in Meru University of Science and Technology yesterday and the assassination of our colleague,a towering hero, a towering commander and a towering general Mr. Evans Njoroge,Secretary General of the Students Governing Council, a finalist pursuing Mathematics and Computer Science.

We wish to let the country know that Meru University Students decided to take to the streets yesterday after exhausting all channels and models of communication with the relevant bodies over the fee increment policy by the university manageemt.

The Students Governing Council had on countless times engaged the university, wrote countless letters to the Ministry of Education and the Commission of University Education but all this bore no fruits, call it “negligence and arrogance”, a classical character of Kenyan universities vice chancellors, a common norm by the way.
The demonstrations were largely peaceful characterized by students carrying pens, books and other learning materials.

Hell broke loose when the police under the instructions of one Prof.Magambo descended on the innocent unarmed students with an unprecedented violence using live bullets. The events that led to the death of our colleague brother are now the center of controversy, from the reports gathered by members of the public present and preliminary reports by the various media stations indicate that our slain colleague was pursued, targeted and shot dead on the head. Was an act of assassination and who engineered it? We direct this and many questions to the Independent Police Oversight Authority and the Ministry of Interior coordination to speed up with investigations within 7 days and the culprits brought to book immediately.

To the question of as to why the genuine concerns by comrades of Meru university were never addressed, we call for an urgent meeting with the Ministry of Education and all relevant stakeholders to have this issue not only resolved but all demand for a change of guard at the helm of Meru University management.

Finally, we call upon upon all members of parliament led by our senior comrade Hon.Babu Owino and Hon.Gideon Keter the country to rise up, devoid of political and tribal inclinations and champion for justice for our all victims of police brutality. Events of yesterday affirm the long cry of various groups that the police have become rogue and the government has gone silent over the same. A national wide campaign against police brutality shall be launched within 7 days in all private and public universities to ensure that no Kenyan suffers the same fate again.”